Winter clothing drive:

Delhi is going to freeze in the next few days…NWCC has joined hands with Goonj to provide warm clothes to those who need it to brave the harsh winter. NWCC Employees from across India have donated hundreds of pieces of clothes to Goonj towards their Odha do Zindagi drive. Received overwhelming response and so many people opened their hearts and donated generously . Donations will be deposited  in NGO called  ‘Goonj’.

NWCC GURUPURAB Celebrations and Langar Seva in Gurugram

For growth to be responsible, it should go beyond numbers… It should do good to the society, create a better world. That’s the kind of growth that North West Carrying Company (NWCC) believes in, and constantly strives for.

At NWCC, our commitment to good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility is core to our way of doing business, and is strongly aligned with our drive to create and increase value for all stakeholders. We define CSR as conducting business in ways that provide social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities and geographies where we operate.

After carefully looking at many projects we found SSS Foundation to be the most appropriate in extending our support to Shoshit Sewa Sangh is sworn to uplifting Musahar community the most deprived community of our country.

For centuries Musahars had worked as bonded labourers and historical records suggest that they were forced into crime by landlords and mahajans (village money-lenders). Deprived of hope and opportunity Musahars have also joined the ranks of Maoists in Bihar and have taken to violent ways. Musahar children only know poverty and have an aimless existence. Poorest of poor community in India contribute towards improving the quality of life of the most deprived in our benighted home State of Bihar.

We, at NWCC believe in a vibrant democracy, betterment of the quality of the life of the people is not the sole responsibility of the Government. Corporate’s participation to achieve this goal is very important. NWCC Group has sponsored 10 Musahar children till the time they are able to earn their own bread.

A beginning has been made but there are still miles to go before the huge disparity is bridged and a better future delivered to entire Musahar community by providing free education, food and hygienic living environment for their children.