Integrated manufacturing support services that keep lead times short and inventories at a minimum

From automotive and industrial assembly to consumer durables and electronics, our integrated manufacturing support services keep lead times short and inventories at a minimum throughout the entire supply chain. We can help you reap the benefits of lean manufacturing and Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management.

Our manufacturing support services can be delivered standalone or as part of an integrated strategy, depending on your needs:

Access full range of kitting services such as pre-assembly of kit trays for high activity parts

  •  Free up valuable factory space
  •  Concentrate on core manufacturing

Pre-assemble parts in a warehouse environment

  • Reduce assembly steps at the factory and simplify the manufacturing process
  • Drive down costs

Speed up processes with production-ready materials

  • The right part arrives in the right order at the right time
  • Free resources from wasteful inefficient downtime

JIT Delivery
Leverage integrated systems and JIT expertise to minimize parts and supplies on factory floor

  • Significant bottom-line savings

Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Quality assurance and control professionals on-site

  • Ensure the highest quality parts and components in your manufacturing process

NWCC will always strive to answer any of your supply chain management or logistics related questions. We’ll also welcome any queries that your organization would like to submit, for the outsourcing of supply chain management activities.
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