Facility management services in India : Effective facilities management ensures your people are able to perform and that your mission is achieved. NWCC Group facility management approach functions at two levels: Strategic and Operational.


  • Focusing  our clients and staff on organizational impacts, space-impacted services and costs related to the overall facility plan.
  • Concentrating on clients with large, complex or diverse asset portfolios we deliver enterprise wide logistics and facilities management solutions.


  • Addressing the function, governing the efficient and cost-effective day to day management of the facility.
  • By providing a people logistics solution, ensuring the right people at the right place and the right time, and through the standardisation of service provision across their entire property portfolio, we deliver significant cost savings to our clients.

We can also reduce the overhead costs significantly by managing a diverse workforce and handling supplier invoicing and at the same time our clients gain a technology platform designed specifically for managing facilities.

Our Services

  1. Relocation Planning
  2. Schedule & Budget Development
  3. Staff Communication
  4. Technology Transition Management
  5. Transportation and Motor Pool operations
  6. Post-Move Support & Coordination
  7. House Keeping
  8. Catering Services
  9. Security
  10. Equipment Maintenance
  11. Horticulture

NWCC will always strive to answer any of your supply chain management or logistics related questions. We’ll also welcome any queries  that your organization would like to submit, for the outsourcing of supply chain management activities.
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