NWCC has the sophisticated technology and expertise to support your global Vendor Managed Inventory programs

Successful Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs depend on sophisticated technology and expertise. At APL Logistics we have both. We manage the international transportation, customs clearance, warehouse management and delivery to factory, warehouse or store.

Balancing inventory levels against cost

The challenges of producing goods overseas are exacerbated by the demands of lean manufacturing and Just-In-Time (JIT) processes. The dilemma arises from the need to balance materials availability against cost of inventory. That is one of the attractions of VMI – deferring ownership to free up capital.

VMI allows you to receive and hold materials in our warehouses on consignment. NWCC will ensure the integrity and agreed level of your supplier’s stocks to be kept in our warehouse are met until the point of consumption. This assures both physical and transactional flows for the legal transfer of goods ownership.

The success of any VMI program is determined by effective transportation, warehousing, distribution and associated processes. We have a strong track record, collaborating with manufacturers and their suppliers, integrating information technology services and managing the information flow between all parties. All inventory movements are monitored and transmitted to your suppliers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmissions.

NWCC will always strive to answer any of your supply chain management or logistics related questions. We’ll also welcome any queries  that your organization would like to submit, for the outsourcing of supply chain management activities.
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