Inbound logistics, or manufacturing logistics, is that vital link in the supply chain – the efficient management of raw materials delivered right up to the point of production. With the demands of global trade, Just-In-Time (JIT) and lean manufacturing, this important step needs to be tightly integrated with production schedules.

We offer the flexibility to meet changing deadlines and provide value-added services that reduce the cost of production, securing quality materials and eliminating third-party delays.

Select from a wide range of services:

  • Inbound customs clearance
  • First mile trucking from supplier to manufacturing
  • Raw material warehouse management
  • Pick-to-line management delivering materials right down to the appropriate production line
  • Milk runs with regular shuttling of raw materials and part-finished goods

As your valued partner, we can place highly experienced personnel at your production facility to manage the movement of goods and final dispatch.

With local expertise in countries around the globe, we provide all the services necessary for the smooth movement of freight from source to destination. That includes freight booking, documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, physical handling and fulfillment – backed up with world-class supply chain knowledge and tight project management.

NWCC will always strive to answer any of your supply chain management or logistics related questions. We’ll also welcome any queries that your organization would like to submit, for the outsourcing of supply chain management activities.
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