With profound understanding and vast experience in the telecom market, NWCC launched Spare Parts Management Service Solutions to provide an excellent delivery platform, scientific inventory management, and the first-class logistics network for operators. With reduced total cost of operation and network security assurance supported by NWCC, operators can focus on core business to enhance competitiveness.

Our Solution

NWCC Group includes consolidated order processing, spare parts supply, storage and warehousing, inventory management, spare parts logistics and service delivery management. NWCC can deliver the critical parts at hour level and non-critical parts at NBD level to guarantee fast and accurate delivery.

Consolidated Order Processing Platform

  1. Provide 24X7 rapid order response and timely processing, and track the orders in real time through mature IT system.
  2. Reliable Spare Parts Supply

With spare parts supply centers deployed around the world and spare parts strategically stored, sufficient and stable supply is guaranteed.

Standard Storage and Warehousing

Based on the requirements and expected service level agreement (SLA) of operators, and with advanced methodologies and design tools, NWCC can systematically design the warehouse network architecture which will be continuously optimized in the light of actual conditions, thus ensuring an efficient and prominent warehouse network system.

Scientific Inventory Management

With dynamic dimensioning tool, lifecycle management and version management, NWCC provides the optimal spare parts inventory adapt to network changes and business needs, and guarantee accurate and complete inventory information.

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