Factory Facility Management Services in India

Factory Facility Management Services in India NWCC Northstar Management Services (NMS) Take Care of All Types of Buildings with Facility Management Services Facility Management Services are basically the non-core services of any organisation outsourced to any other enterprise. The facilities offered include everything essential for any organisation to function, apart from the products and services…

Business Opportunities in North-East India and the challenges

Business Opportunities in North-East India and the challenges Business Opportunities in North-East India The region comprises eight states-Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Assam. Occupying 8% of India’s geographical spread, the states are home to only 4% of the country’s population, while Assam accounts for 68% of the population. The region stands…

End-to-end supply chain solutions

End-to-end supply chain solutions

An end to end Supply Chain service provider in the Information Technology, Telecom, Manufacturing Units and Digital Life Style products space. NWCC is one amongst the top supply chain solution providers in India to over 10 leading manufacturers of Information Technology, Telecom, Lifestyle and Consumer Electronics Products. Our highly advanced and comprehensive supply chain solutions…

North East - Logistics

Distribution Challenges in North East

Distribution Challenges in North East North-East, the land of seven sisters, is a serene and ageless picture of lush hills, with a prevailing culture unmarked by modernisation. Unfortunately, its picturesque beauty is often clouded by instances of political unrest that keep making news every other day. Despite regular disruptions, the region has immense potential that,…

Nwcc is now a LLP firm

Nwcc is now a LLP firm – Public Notice:  Please take note that the name of our Company ‘North West Carrying Company’ (Registration No. 1393/98), a registered partnership firm has been converted into LLP firm with effect from 26th April, 2016 vide LLP Identification Number AAG-2388’ Change in name from North West Carrying Company  to…

Thirdparty(3pl) (4)

Using Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-party logistics (3PL) is a common practice for supply chain management in which a company outsources logistics functions to another company. The functions that are outsourced vary from company to company, but usually include one or more of the following: Inbound freight Customs and freight consolidation Warehousing Order fulfilment Distribution Management of freight to customers.…

We offer more than just 3rd party logistics

We offer more than just third party logistics

NWCC creates innovative logistic solutions for it customer. We provide an integrated operation with warehousing, distribution services, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and transportation services that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Our logistical services include the transport, warehousing, and tracking of your assets with great efficiency. Our warehouses are large, spacious, and include all of the logistical telecom amenities necessary for a successful plan.

NWCC is having PAN India presence supported by a strong and committed workforce of over 800 personnel, a fleet of containerized vehicles, state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes Forklifts, Battery operated Stackers, Boom Cranes, Hydraulic scissors, Dock Levelers, Hoist Cranes and all latest MHEs.